Seth Stendahl and His Alchemy

And we’re back! If you haven’t been keeping close tabs on the Rapunzel blog tour, I’d highly suggest you check HERE for a list of the amazing posts that have been going up. It’s been so much fun, and I can’t believe the tour will be over tomorrow!

But for now, let’s talk about the other main character in my story… the one who’s actually locked in the tower.

A few years later it happened that a king’s son was riding through the forest. As he approached the tower he heard a song so beautiful that he stopped to listen. It was Rapunzel, who was passing the time by singing with her sweet voice. The prince wanted to climb up to her, and looked for a door in the tower, but none was to be found.

In the original fairytale, he’s a prince with a passion for music, apparently. In Disney’s film adaptation, he’s a thief — and thus, many of the Rapunzel retellings recently have cast their prince character as a thief. While I agree that a thief can work great in the Rapunzel cast, I didn’t want to rip Disney off that much.

But… to be completely honest… Seth’s character is ripped off of greatly inspired by a character in Disney’s Tangled TV series (a.k.a. Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure). For those of you who’ve seen the series, you know I’m talking about Varian, the alchemist. The idea of alchemy was too tempting — and since this series is slightly steampunk, I thought, why not?

Yes, I had a lot of fun with it.

Seth Stendahl was one of those characters that really just created himself. He’s the youngest of seven siblings, and all of them are girls. I didn’t realize he had that many sisters, let alone siblings of any kind, until partway through the book. In many ways, I think that made me a little more sympathetic to him, since I, too, have a passel of sisters (four, to be exact). And yes, we have only one brother among us, so I think I came by writing Seth honestly.

Seth’s sisters are extremely competitive and don’t like following society’s rules. Their lives are a completely different story. *waggles eyebrows* That competition is what turns Seth to alchemy — it’s something his sisters aren’t super interested in and don’t understand at all. Alchemy is his place to shine. He enjoys traveling and learning, but the master scientist that may be able to teach him more about his craft keeps alluding him. And so, Seth travels on in hopeful pursuit of him.

It’s these travels that land him in Rohesia, the neighboring kingdom to his native Trothen. Rohesia is a strange kingdom in Seth’s eyes, mainly because its inhabitants have an odd passion for roses. Seth doesn’t mind roses in their own place, but they certainly do NOT belong in his dinner.

Like most Trothen-born individuals, Seth struggles with speaking in the Rohesian tongue. This was actually really fun to write, since I got to dive into my memory of four years of Spanish classes and figure out how translations between languages work. Because each language has its own nuances, idioms, and rules, many things cannot be translated word for word. Thus, Seth uses many a wrong word and adds in extra ones (particularly the word “of”) everywhere.

Because he has six sisters, Seth believes he has a pretty good handle on understanding girls. Until, of course, he meets this shy and extremely quiet girl in the woods — one who saved his life, no less — and everything he thinks he knows is thrown completely out the window.

I wanted to focus more on Seth so much in this book, but there just wasn’t room for it. *sadness* I’m hoping one day to revisit him — or at least, revisit alchemy — in a future books. But we’ll see. This series (like most of my writing) has a mind of its own and I often don’t know what’s coming until I write it.


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3 thoughts on “Seth Stendahl and His Alchemy

  1. SETH MAH BOI. I just loved him sooooo much! His interactions with Diamond were my FAAAVE. It made me grin every single time. And oh my goodness gracious, I didn’t realize he was inspired by Varian! :O That just makes it even BETTER. Seth is seriously one of my TOP favorites of your male characters ever. (Which is saying something because UGH I love them all!) He was so spectacular!


    1. I think Felix may still be my favorite, but Seth was definitely a lot of fun to write! I’d love to go back and explore more of him interacting with all six sisters. *winks* Poor boy may not enjoy that, but I will!


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