Life Update (Summer 2020 Edition)

Hello, readers!

If you hadn’t noticed already, I’m here to admit that I’ve been a little MIA concerning my blogging habits of late. Life has been a little nuts as I’m keeping up with a two year old who never stops running or talking and a nine month old who loves crawling and stuffing anything he can find in his mouth. Sometimes, a mom’s life is just keeping the kids alive for the day.

Don’t get me wrong — I love it. It just doesn’t leave a ton of time for computer stuffs. AND right now, I’m choosing to use what little computer time I have to mainly work on The Bear of Rosethorn Ring.

So, here’s my…

Writing Update

The Bear of Rosethorn Ring is coming along nicely. I just hit 19K total this weekend, and I’m REALLY hoping to finish up the whole first draft by the end of the month. Which is… *le gulp* THIS WEEK. We’ll see. But that’s the plan.

I would love to get this book out sooner rather than later, but definitely no later than next summer. *silent screaming* I’m still numb thinking that this will be my fourth published work. I’m soooo happy that I’m finally getting to do a more obscure and less-retold tale. Snow White and Rose Red really needs more love, guys.

Hiatus Update

I didn’t officially announce it, but I took a hiatus from Fairy Tale Central for the month of July. It was hard not to want to jump into everything The Gnome (the featured fairytale), but I just didn’t have time for it. *sadness* It was the right choice, since we spent the first 18 or so days on vacation, visiting my parents, and I wanted a break from stuff so I could enjoy my family.

However, I’m planning to be back at FTC in August to participate with the AWESOME fairytale we’ll be featuring (no spoilers, sorry). It may not be as much as I’d like, since…

Everything Else Update

Soooo…. we’re moving again.

I’m living in a sea of boxes, and I’m so sick of packing, BUT I’m over the moon to be moving. Yes, again.

My hubby and I have moved every single summer since we got married, and I’m ready to live somewhere for more than a year. THIS TIME, however, is VERY different since we’re finally buying a house and not renting!

(For the interested reader who wants the full story, my hubby and I first lived in a tiny apartment on our college campus; they didn’t allow kids, so after we found out we were pregnant, we moved to a small two bedroom apartment off campus; THEN we found out we were expecting again, and for financial and practical reasons decided to rent a three bedroom house with my hubby’s folks; NOW, we’re moving to a five bedroom where there’ll be lots of space for all of us (kiddos, in-laws, plus uncles). It’s kinda funny, considering this will be the first move we’ve not had to make because we’re pregnant. XD)

All of that to say this — I am not planning on taking another hiatus in August, but since I’m packing and moving house, please do not expect much of me online. *smiles* Hopefully, things will all go smoothly and calm down quickly enough that I can come back to a more regularly scheduled blogging.



How’s your summer going?

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