The Silmaril Awards ~ Come Vote for Us!

There. That’s enough. Let’s go.

Nicolas, my inspid brother, that is NOT enough. You need to write a full post after you do a title for one.

But the title has all the information the readers need.

Not really.

Fine. Hello, world! I’m Prince Nicolas!

And I’m the better twin, Princess Nicoline.

Better at being ugly, maybe. Ow!

You deserved that. Anyway, dear readers, some of you may know –

And some of you may NOT know –

That the Silmaril Awards are upon us once again. These Tolkien-inspired awards are given out every year to celebrate everyone’s favorite fantasy characters, whether they be heroes or villains, dragons or henchmen…

Or imps like me.

I cannot disagree with that.

And Nicoline and I have been nominated for Most Mischievous Imp for the second time in these awards! I think we deserve that medal, so you should really go check out THIS LINK and vote for us!

You could say “please,” Nicolas.


But if you don’t want to vote for the mischievous and idiotic Prince Nicolas, I understand completely.


But since Kiri’s books are all fantasy, all of the characters in Once Upon a Twist Tales are eligible to be nominated for these awards.

Really? I forgot about those other categories. I’m gonna vote for Samson.

Felix’s horse? Why?

Because if anyone is a more mischievous imp than I am, it’s Samson.

I still think you should have been nominated for Strangest Character. Anyway, please, readers, consider voting for us and possibly nominating others from our books. There are only a few days left to nominate and second your favorite characters.

And may the best imp win. All right, that’s enough. Now, let’s go.

3 thoughts on “The Silmaril Awards ~ Come Vote for Us!

  1. OH MY GOODNESS. A surprise Nicolas and Nicoline visit! I have MISSED those two! This. Was. The. BEST! They absolutely deserve an award for most impish! I am always rooting for them!


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