The Jolly Genre Jubilee Tag

I don’t know that I can recall the last time I did a tag. And I’m not about to go bothering about my archives to figure that out. It’s been a while.

Anyway, since I’ve been trying to scrounge up things to blog about, I discovered this jolly-looking tag on Hayden’s blog and Hamlette’s blog, I couldn’t resist filling it out. And after a little digging, I found the blogger responsible of the tag’s origins, and I would love to thank her for it: Kenzie of Smudged Thoughts. I wasn’t officially tagged, but all three lovely ladies previous mentioned offered the tag to whomever… and I guess I’m whomever.

A Bit of Housekeeping & Rules

  • thank the blogger who tagged you, and leave a link back to their blog [Not tagged, but links are linked above.]
  • leave a link back to the creator of the tag  [Also, linked above.]
  • answer the questions honestly, and include at least one (1) gif of a pelican [Pelican has entered the chat; look below.]
  • tag 3+ friends to do the tag on their own blogs!  [Not officially tagging since I wasn’t tagged, but feel free to snag!]

And we’re off, folks!

What is your favorite genre of fiction to write?

I write mainly in a subsection of fantasy, a little something that some people refer to as Kingdom Adventure. It’s basically low fantasy without magic. If you want a full-blown definition of Kingdom Adventure, check out this superb post. And yes, it is my favorite. With fantasy, I never have to go back to check if I’m writing things as historically accurate (I have a great fear of writing something terribly inaccurate to particular historical periods) and I can explore the worlds outside of magic and explain things in good, ‘ole fun; I just have to deal with the shenanigans of my rebellious characters.

What genre would you NEVER get caught writing? . . . EVER.

The first one that comes to mind is erotica. I’m not much into the whole romance genre, anyway, and c’mon, folks! My husband and I didn’t even hug before we were married — there’s no way I’m writing in a bunch of characters kissing before marriage if I didn’t get to do it! That… and you know, morally, I really don’t think erotica should be a genre at all.

What fictional genre feels most like home to you?

Fantasy is the easy answer. I grew up reading LOTR, Narnia, and the like, so fantasy like that is just my comfortable genre. Specifically, epic fantasy, you know — the stuff with knights and dragons and swords and a good bard caterwauling at the wrong time.

I’m also really drawn to historical fiction. Before LOTR, there was American Girl and the Little House books, and I cannot tell you how many times I read through all of those. Laura Ingalls and Kirsten Larsen were some of my best friends. So, in some ways, historical fiction is more homey than fantasy, even though now I enjoy the fantasy more.

If you could transform your real life into any genre of your choosing, which would it be?

MUSICAL. (It’s not a book genre, but the question doesn’t specify that it HAS to be a book genre, so there.) I love music. I love singing. I would LOVE for my life to be a real, all-out-there musical. I mean, I’ve got the singing in random places down pat; it’s just the choreographed dance numbers and everybody else’s involvement that seems to be troublesome.

What genre does your real life most resemble at the moment?

Definitely a comedy. XD My husband is super busy with his doctoral work, and I’m currently raising three kids ages four and under while trying to juggle a writing life on the side. If that’s not the hilarious stuff that comic strips are made of, I don’t know what is. I mean, we’re already at the Calvin and Hobbes stage, but — instead of talking to a philosophical tiger — my son runs around talking to and running from crocodiles. *shrugs* I have a feeling he’s going to be our family’s next creative writer.

What’s a genre you’re interested in writing, even though you’ve never written it before?

I want to dabble more in historical fiction, particularly American pioneer, WWII, and regency fiction. Those are some of my favorite historical periods, but (as I mentioned before) I have a great fear of being historically inaccurate. My husband was a history major in college and I have a lot of well-researched friends — and they all know when an author takes historical liberties in a book. I, too, dislike finding those errors in stories, and I do not want to become an author who commits that crime just to embellish the tale.

And now I’m realizing that I’ve actually written some historical fiction before, and that’s really not answering the question honestly.

Okay, then I wish I could write true mystery. I have included mystery in some of the books I’ve written, but I’ve never written a true detective novel. I realize I’m no Agatha Christie, but I think it would be so much fun to take a crime and work through it backwards, just to watch people work through it the regular way.

What genre is your most recent plot bunny, and where did it come from?

I can’t answer this one with too many details since my most recent plot bunny (or bunnies, if I’m honest) is an idea for my published series, Once Upon a Twist Tales. And since those ideas are constantly changing, I don’t release the information until I’m about ready to release that book. Just keep things easier for me since I’m not committing to an inflexible schedule and overarching plot. I CAN, however, tell you that it is in the Kingdom Adventure genre, and contains two of the series’ most beloved characters. But no promises from me on that, since this series hardly ever sticks to the plan.

How many genres have you written thus far in your writing journey?

Fantasy (duh), and then I’ve dabbled with historical fiction, dystopian, sci-fi, contemporary, poetry, mystery, and I think that’s it? I’ll probably think of one more after I publish this post, but it’s still a decent list. One day I’d love to be publishing more than just fantasy novels, but we’ll see when that will ever happen. Not fully giving up hope. I’ll have more time once I don’t have kids in diapers. XD

Me, zooming towards productiveness.

Now it’s your turn! Here are the tag questions so you can fill them out for yourself! And be sure to check out the the previous bloggers’ answers in the links above.

  • What is your favorite genre of fiction to write?
  • What genre would you NEVER get caught writing? . . .EVER.
  • What fictional genre feels most like home to you?
  • If you could transform your real life into any genre of your choosing, which would it be?
  • What genre does your real life most resemble at the moment?
  • What’s a genre you’re interested in writing, even though you’ve never written it before?
  • What genre is your most recent plot bunny, and where did it come from?
  • How many genres have you written thus far in your writing journey?

God bless!


4 thoughts on “The Jolly Genre Jubilee Tag

  1. I love this tag so much! Seeing your answers was SUCH fun!!! Absolutely ALL the yes to fantasy. Definitely my home genre as well. But I also totally grew up on American Girls! Kirsten was my favorite toooo! 😀 Ah, such good times.

    Okay but life as a musical would be amazing. Never mind that I can’t dance and am not all that great at singing either… BUT STILL. It’d be awesome!

    And ooooh, a Kiri mystery would be SO. COOL. The very few times I venture out of my beloved fantasy novels is for a mystery. They’re such fun! I think it would be the neatest thing if you wrote one!


    1. Thank you! 😊 There were never enough Kirsten books for me. I think I read everything of hers that I could possibly get my hands on, and then always wished for more. Like her older years.

      Come live with me in my musical! I can’t dance either, so we can awesomely fail together! 😂

      I love a good mystery; I just don’t know if I feel smart enough to put a decent one together. Maybe one day, when I have more cohesive brain cells and I have kids who sleep through the night, LOL!


  2. I, too, run to tags when the blogging inspiration has been running dry, lol!

    Awww, I loved American Girl, too! Literally ALL I read from the ages of 10-14 was historical fiction I think!

    And Kingdom Adventure is such a underrated genre! I love it.


    1. *high fives* I mean, honestly, I love reading other people’s answers to tags, so I figure there’s gotta be someone else interested in my answers. XD

      Kirsten was always my favorite (for obvious reasons), but the others were so much fun. Lately, I’ve been feeling a nostalgic urge to go back and read through all the books. And finally read the newer ones, since I haven’t read most of those.

      Liked by 1 person

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